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30 years of experience and dedication

CHATZIGEORGIOU S.A.-ALMOND PRODUCTS was established in 1983 by Dimitrios and Theodoros Chatzigeorgiou. It started as a family-run business headquartered at the beautiful and historical village of Adriani in Drama, and currently operates in brand new facilities.

It started as an almond trading and processing company, but soon expanded its business into the wider nuts sector and the food industry in general. The company’s development is owed to its core activities, i.e. nut processing and trading with a focus on almonds, peanuts, hazelnuts, pistachios and walnuts. The company is also proud to have introduced new products in the market, such as the “Perle” almond, which is a roasted peeled Greek almond of the Ferragnes variety.

Our motivation to steadily develop our business over the years is led by our tireless efforts, dedication and faith in its strengths and potentials. Through heavy investment, an emphasis on quality and direct service, participation in fairs and exhibitions, and targeted promotion and marketing, the company has managed to increase its client base and supply its products to stores and industries throughout Greece.