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The company’s main target is to constantly improve and modernise the production process in order to maintain its reliability and prestige in the processed nuts sector.

mellontikaFurthermore, it enters into the area of almond tree plantations on company-own land, aiming at the vertical integration of the production process and high quality nut production employing modern methods. Our pleasure for work and our willingness to contribute to the nut production of our country, an increasing demand for Greek products both in Greece and abroad, and the need to properly use the rich Greek land, all combine to boost significantly this effort. And this is why we have set as a company target to look for producers of various products in order to promote Greek products and enhance the primary sector of the country.

In combination with the above, the company has been actively working on exports, focusing on the constant increase of export activity while participating in all major events of the nuts sector (fairs, conferences, etc.)