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Reliability and quality

Today the company boasts a dynamic presence in the nuts sector and has managed to maintain a steady growth trend especially in the field of almond secondary product processing and production. Having established a wide partner network working together with producers from both Greece and abroad, the company collects quality Greek and imported produce straight from the production source. The company has also expanded into dried fruits and currently supplies a wide range of Greek, Mediterranean and tropical dried fruits as well.

simeraKeeping nut processing at the core of our business and making continuous efforts to modernise and improve our equipment, the company has managed to become a reliable supplier to many food production plants, chocolate and halva factories, bakery and confectionery production plants, and nuts packing companies and traders.

As a member of the Nut Traders and Artisan Business Association of Northern Greece, as well as the International Nut Council (INC), the company is always aware of the latest developments and innovations in the nuts and dried fruits industry. At the same time, thanks to the company’s presence in international fairs of worldwide appeal, we have managed to expand our supply network.